12 October, 2008


Successfully placed caregivers at nursing homes in Singapore and Taiwan.

Taiwan was the first breakthrough for PDS nurses/caregivers placement program. Since 2005 up to now, PDS has successfully placed thousands of female and male nurses with the current average of 50 placements per month. Most of PDS nurses work in nursing homes with a small number going into hospitals and clinics.

PDS nursing instructors and trainers were given nursing education in Taiwan. These instructors learned the necessary skills, practices, and medical terminology used by health practitioners in Taiwan and brought them back to our training center; accordingly, we are able to educate and train our nurses following the needs of our clients in Taiwan.

In the past 10 years, we have placed our nurses in close to 100 institutions (nursing homes, clinics, and hospitals) in Taiwan.

At the end of 2015, PDS became the first employment services company in Indonesia that successfully placed Indonesian female nurses to work in Singapore.

As the requirements for PDS nurses going to Singapore differs from their counterparts in Taiwan, PDS developed new training program and curriculum, taking into account the compulsory skills and practices specific for health practitioners in Singapore. As Singapore is the most medically advanced country in South East Asia, many of the practices and medical instruments/devices are known to be more sophisticated. PDS has also invested to build a fully equipped mini hospital like – training facility resembling nursing homes/clinics found in Singapore.

Starting in 2015, PDS collaborates with LPK PDS to train prospective technical intern trainee in to working in nursing homes in Japan.

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