Providing good workers to factories and industries in many nations.

Placing trained and experience hospitality workers to airline and to world renowned spa & hotel chain. 

Our own construction training facilites, placing workers to countries in several continents.

Select Trained and send more than 100,000 workers overseas

PT PDS 2022 Best Indonesian Placement Company Awards in Indonesia

Training facility for nurses modeled after hospital general ward

About Us

With around 270 million people, Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world (after China, India, and the United States of America). Furthermore, as around half of the total population is below the age of 30-year old, the country is considered to have a young population. Combined, these two features indicate that Indonesia currently has a large labor force; one that will only grow larger in the foreseeable future.

Why Choose us

% Credibility

PDS is one of the best employment service companies in Indonesia, receiver of Best Manpower Supply Company Award from BNP2TKI and University of Indonesia from 2012-2015

+ Placement to Overseas

Committed to serve our customers and community with the highest level of service, knowledge, professionalism, honesty, and integrity


Alasan saya memilih PDS karena saya dapatkan bekal keahlian yang sangat membantu agar bisa bekerja dengan baik di Hongkong pada tahun 2017 dan 2023. terima kasih PDS

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History of Placement


Cleaning Service

New opportunity coming to our company by placing Indonesian worker to cleaning services sector in Kuwait, Japan, and Mac...

Shipbuilding Worker

Working closely with Korean largest shipbuilding companies and Korean shipbuilding’s association (KOSHIPA) placing wel...

Industrial Worker

Placing Indonesian workers to sanitary manufacturing companies, poultry production company, and other manufacturing indu...


Placing white collar engineers to famous Japanese automobile manufacturing companies in Japan....

Hospitality, Spa & Barista

Starting placing Indonesian worker to international chain hotel and spa to Singapore, Macau, Kuwait, and Dubai...



Training facilities are essential in creating qualified and competent workers, preparing them with critical skills required for working overseas and which are not necessarily obtained in their formal education.


PDS staff, including trainers, instructors, and administrative staffs are as significant if not more in creating highly qualified skilled workers.


PDS implements strict requirements and wholesome training to potential workers who aim to work overseas. Selections of workers are done very carefully to ensure their quality. Furthermore, PDS has an established curriculum for teaching foreign languages in which, its efficiency has been proven for many years. Less than 3% of our workers failed on their jobs due to language inability.

Countries & Regions

  • Algeria (2019)
  • Kuwait (2023)
  • Macau (2022)
  • Hungary (2022)
  • Korea (2022)
  • Japan (2014)
  • Saudi Arabia (1997)
  • Hong-kong (1997)
  • Taiwan (1997)
  • Malaysia (1997)
  • Singapore (1997)
  • Aruba () soon
  • Dubai (2016)
  • Much more
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Achievement & Awards

Award Charter 2022

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Achievement & Awards

Award Charter 2017 Indonesian Best Workforce Placement

Achievement & Awards

Award 2015 best competency

Our Partners

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