12 October 2023 |

Kuwait is one of the countries in the Middle East that has an advanced economy that continues to grow. In recent years, the demand for foreign workers in Kuwait has increased significantly. Various aspects, such as rapid economic development and infrastructure development, have attracted many foreign workers to work in Kuwait. One of the main reasons for the demand for foreign workers in Kuwait is the lack of sufficient local workers to meet economic and development needs.

Foreign workers often have better skills and experience than local workers. This makes them more attractive to companies in Kuwait. PT Prima Duta Sejati is one of the best employment services companies in Indonesia which operates in the fields of HR recruitment services, education, job skills training and document management, etc. Starting in 2023, PDS will begin sending workers to Kuwait which refers to the system regulated by the Kuwaiti government and the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower. There are several user requests in Kuwait including factories, hotels, hospitality and cleaning services as well

Engineering Bakery (Bread Manufacturing Factory)

The bread manufacturing factory is part of the ready-made food industry which uses wheat flour as the main raw material in its production process. Bread is grouped into bakery products, along with cakes, donuts, biscuits, rolls, crackers and pies. The bread production process is part of the bakery business and involves factory management, including processing raw materials into finished materials such as bread, cakes, pastries and a variety of other products. The positions needed in this Bread Manufacturing Factory are Cake Decorator, Barista, Baker, Assistant. Baker, Pastry Maker, Factory Worker, Kitchen Helper, Etc.

Cleaners / Office Attendants (Hospitals, Malls, Offices)

Cleaning service is a service provided by agents to clean office spaces, apartments or public places. The person who does the work has been trained and is reliable in carrying out their duties. In Kuwait currently, these services are much needed in several places in offices, hotels, apartments, hospitals, large malls, mosques and other public places. These workers are very skilled and expert in maintaining the cleanliness of the area where they are placed, including using electronic equipment to clean the area. Some of his placements include Avenues Mall, Al Salam Hospital and in offices.

Hospitality (5 Star Chain Hotel)

Hospitality business is an industry that refers to businesses that provide various services, especially tourism. In commercial activities, economic activists use the term hospitality industry in the context of hospitality as a service or services that depend on guests. The goal of the hospitality business is to make a profit by providing a good impression and service to customers. Apart from that, hospitality is usually a characteristic of a region or even a country, such as culinary delights and other tourist attractions that can develop economic activities in regional or national tourist areas. The hospitality business is a business that applies the concepts of behavior, politeness and friendliness as
the main capital so that the business can develop well.

PT Prima Duta Sejati sent its best personnel to work in Kuwait in the Hospitality sector (5 Star Hotel Chain). Some of the positions filled include Guestroom Attendant, Assistant Server, Cook. Hostess, Security Guard, Laundry Attendant, Uniform Attendant, SPA Attendant, Massage Therapist, Etc.

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