12 October 2023 |

Japan is known as one of the most advanced countries in terms of industry and technology. The more the existing industry develops, the more workers are needed. Meanwhile, in Japan the population of productive age is decreasing, so it requires workers from foreign countries to support these activities. PDS is one of the best employment services companies in Indonesia which operates in the fields of HR recruitment services, education, job skills training and document management, etc. Since 2016, PDS has opened sending interns to Japan based on a system regulated by the Japanese government and the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower. To be able to meet various user requests, we provide language and skills training that is appropriate to the field of apprenticeship (construction, agriculture, manufacturing, caregiver, automotive, etc.).

Types of work that Japan requires for Japanese interns:

Care Worker


The formation of a gap between the productive age and the elderly means that Japan needs quite a lot of care workers. This job is a type of job looking after the elderly that doesn’t just focus on feeding and accompanying them. The position of care workers themselves is more focused on monitoring the health of the elderly, such as medical companions and medication-taking routines.

Machinery and tool parts industry


Another job needed by this country is machine parts and tooling industries which are related to the machinery industry. In this field, workers will focus on several jobs such as electroplating to machine inspection. Not everyone can apply for this job because it requires a skills test classification first. Applicants must complete 13 work skills tests considering that job descriptions require special abilities.

Industrial machine manufacturing industry


Next there is a job in the machinery industry which is actually quite similar to the previous job. The work undertaken is also quite similar to dealing with machine maintenance, but there is also packaging. There is only 1 type of job skills test that needs to be passed when you want to register for this job.

Construction Industry


The fourth job in demand in Japan is in the construction industry. Some of the things done in this job are similar to the work of construction workers in Indonesia, such as installing materials, for example. Unlike in Indonesia, workers in this field in Japan require up to 11 classifications of skills tests first. Work visas in this field are also under the Minister of Defense, not under the Minister of Economy.

Food Service Industry


Another type of job that also has many opportunities is the food service industry or related to the food industry. The majority of workers in this field will serve as staff at restaurants in Japan. Some of the work undertaken, for example, is preparing food, serving customers, and dealing with restaurant management. Good communication skills in Japanese are needed when wanting to work in this industry.

Food and Beverage Industry


There are also jobs in the manufacturing sector of food and daily necessities which currently have quite a big opportunity. This work is related to the manufacture/processing of food and drinks in general. Generally, workers will be placed to carry out food manufacturing, food processing, and security. What’s unique is that the visas for workers who work in this field are protected by the Department of Agriculture.

Agricultural Industry


Agriculture is one sector that really stands out in Japan with its combination of technology. This is also a field that provides quite a lot of job opportunities in Japan. Workers in this field will be involved in cultivating plants or raising livestock generally. The types of work attempted range from cultivation management, harvesting, sorting, to product delivery.

Fisheries and aquaculture


Consuming fish in Japan is very large because the majority of typical Japanese dishes use fish. For this reason, this field also provides quite large job opportunities considering that the industry is also large. There are various jobs in this field, such as exploring marine animals, operating industrial machines, and even fishing. Not only that, there are also job opportunities that only focus on fish farming.

Shipbuilding and Ship Machinery


Similar to engineering work, ship construction focuses more on shipping materials only. Make sure that the candidate first has skills related to electronic machines and equipment. Usually, various activities are carried out in work. This is like carrying out coloring work and assembling tools. There is also work related to machines and iron that is quite complicated.

Electronics and Information


Japan is very famous for its advances in technology, especially in the field of electronic equipment and data. The activities carried out in this field are related to the manufacturing machines or also the assembly of the final product. There is also quite light work in this field, such as just the packaging section. This job is categorized as quite complicated, there are 13 classifications of job skills tests that need to be passed first.

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