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Best Employment Service

PDS is one of the best employment service companies in Indonesia, receiver of Best Manpower Supply Company Award from BNP2TKI and University of Indonesia from 2012-2015

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High Commitment

Committed to serve our customers and community with the highest level of service, knowledge, professionalism, honesty, and integrity

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Complete Training Facilities

Fully equipped and ceaselessly expanding training facilities, to accommodate our overseas clients’ need of workforces in various work sectors


PT. Prima Duta Sejati (PDS) is an authorized employment service company located in East Java, Indonesia, with a renewed license no. 410/MEN/2015. Established in 1999, PDS has dedicated its strategy, effort, and resources to provide competent and qualified workers; since its inception, PDS has placed close to 100,000 workers all over the world.

Training Center Round Table
Training Center

Training Facilities are essential in creating qualified and competent workers.

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PDS Achievement
Achievements & Awards

Worker's competency, quality, safety, and well-being are always our top priority.

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PDS New Front

PT. Prima Duta Sejati has 14 branch offices, 11 training centers, and more than 20 recruitment centers.

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Board Of Directors

Photo of Maxixe Mantofa
Maxixe Mantofa

Chief Executive Officer


Photo of Esther Wahyuningsih
Esther Wahyuningsih


Photo of Yenny

East-Asia Division

Photo of John Mantofa
John Mantofa

South East Asia and South America Division

Photo of Imam Soedarso
Imam Soedarso

Finance and Recruiting Division

Photo of Martin Halim
Martin Halim

European, Australia, New Zealand Division

Photo of Dewi Sri Hartatik
Dewi Sri Hartatik

Hospital/Senior Home Caregiver Division

Photo of Ayako Kimura
Ayako Kimura

Japan Division